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Majors Softball Information & Rules 

General Division Information

  • League Ages – 11 & 12 

  • Player request – Not permitted.  Siblings are automatically placed on the same team unless requested otherwise by parents.

  • Coach request – Coaches can request to be paired with one other coach and no more.  

  • Evaluations – All players required to attend evaluation 

  • Team Formation - The Player Agent, Vice President & Division Director will hold a draft within 10 days of the completion of evaluations to form teams.  Must be based on the LLI Rulebook.  

  • Draft – Snake style draft.

  • Number of games – 12 total, 2 per week, weather depending. A pre-seeded single elimination tournament will follow immediately after the completion of the regular season.  Winner gets trophies or medals

  • Schedule - Opening Day target is April 21st. Season end target is  June 17th.  Games will be played Monday through Thursday, with Friday and Saturdays used only as weather make-ups, if needed. 

  • Scorebooks will be provided and must be used during games

  • Uniforms – Uniforms will be provided 1-2 weeks before the first game.

  • All-Stars – This is an All-Star Division.  Players are eligible for 9, 10, 11 Minors or 10, 11, 12 Majors All-Star Teams.  Teams are drafted by Head Coaches under the guidance of Division Director and Player Agent.  Approximate first game is June 23rd.  The State Tournament starts after the 4th. 

  • Equipment - All teams will be given a 5 gallon bucket of 12” softball.  Fielding masks, catchers gear and helmets will be provided as needed 

Division Rules 

  • No Coach’s Agreements

  • A regulation game consists of six (6) innings

  • If a game is halted due to weather after four (4) or more innings have been completed, it will be considered a regulation game. (3.5 innings if the home team is ahead)

  • Regular Season & Tournament Time Limits – No new inning will begin after one hour forty-five minutes (105 minutes).  No drop dead time. 

  • 8 PLAYERS PER TEAM, MINIMUM, TO PLAY A GAME. Visiting team may start with less than 8 players but must field 8 players in the bottom of the 1st inning.

  • Two (2) adult base coaches are allowed 

  • Each Team needs at least 1 coach in dugout at all times


  • Continuous Batting Order (CBO) – All player’s bat.  A player that arrives after the start of the game is to be placed at the bottom of the order 

  • No ‘on-deck’ circle - practice swings allowed ONLY in batter’s box (Majors and below)

  • There are no run limits.

  • There are no base stealing restrictions.  A base runner may leave the base on the release of the pitch

  • Runner’s may not slide headfirst while advancing to a base (LL Rule 7.08(a)(4))

  • Drop 3rd Strike Rule - any ball that touches the ground including a bounced pitch prior to the catcher possessing the ball is considered “dropped”) (LL Rule 6.09(b)).

  • Mercy Rule – 8 runs after five (5) innings, 10 runs after four (4) innings, 15 runs after three (3) innings.

  • Bats must meet all LL specifications.

  • Batters should keep 1 foot in the Batter’s Box unless a play is live, or time has been given to talk with the coach. (LL Rule 6.02 (c))

  • A base runner must avoid a contact/collision with a player possessing the ball (LL Rule 7.08(a)(3))


  • Games will be played with a 12” softball 

  • Pitching mound will be set at 40 ft with an 8 ft pitching circle 

  • A player may pitch in a maximum of six (6) innings per game AND a maximum of twelve (12) innings per calendar week (Mon-Sat). (Playoffs – 12 innings allowed in one day, no limit for the week)

  • A player pitching more than two (2) innings is required to have one calendar day of rest. Delivery of a single pitch constitutes having pitched in an inning. (Playoffs – Required day of rest is after more than 6 innings)

  • “Ball in the Circle” Rules are applied (LL Rule 7.08(a)(5))

  • Free defensive player substitutions


  • 9 defensive players in the field, 3 must be in the outfield grass

  • All infielders must wear a face mask

  • Players must field a minimum of twelve (12) defensive outs per game unless the game is shortened for any reason. PENALTY: player is required to play the entire next scheduled game in the field.

  • In-Field Fly rule is in effect (LL Rule 6.05(d))

  • Obstruction Rules Apply (LL Rules 7.05 and 7.06)

Download Majors Softball Rules


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