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GLL - Pet Policy Reminder

GLL Family,

Dale Wagner Park is privately owned and has a 
Please tell Grandparents and other relatives that animals cannot be at the park.
There are signs posted on this as well.  
Note that the field director does have the authority to ask a person to leave the complex if they do not follow instructions on this.
Service Animals are permitted by Law.

by posted 05/22/2021
GLL COVID Protocol Update

Hello GLL Family, 

I hope this email finds you well.  As I am sure you are aware, there has been a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases in Michigan.  We continue to encourage members and spectators to follow the Michigan Department of Human and Health Services & Ottawa County Health Departments recommendations in regard to COVID-19.





  • Players and coaches are encouraged to wear masks (over mouth and nose) when social distancing cannot be maintained, such as in the dugout or in team huddles. 
  • Team huddles should be minimized to avoid the spread of germs.
  • We ask that no food of any kind be brought into dugouts during games and/or practices; spitting and seeds are not allowed on the premises.
  • Players who are playing the position of catcher MAY NOT wear a face mask in addition to his/her catcher’s mask. This is to prevent a mask from being pulled over the eyes when a catcher quickly removes his/her protective catcher’s helmet.  This is to prevent the player from getting struck by the ball or another player.  Players, of course, may wear masks at any other time if they or their parents would like them to do so.
  • Players may sit with their family while not active during the game. If they choose to do so, please notify your coach so he/she knows where the player is located. 
  • A player who tests positive for COVID-19 should contact his/her coach.  
  • Coaches should report players who have tested positive for COVID-19 to the GLL President.
  • A player should stay home if he/she is showing signs of illness, tested positive for COVID-19, or has been identified as a close contact, as defined by the CDC’s isolation and quarantine rules.  This includes quarantine due to an exposure at school.
  • Players should avoid handshakes and high fives. 
  • Spectators are encouraged to follow social distancing rules


Note:  These rules are subject to change as state or local guidelines change.  We will communicate any changes or notices as soon as we are made aware and can receive clarification.  


Thank you!

Tom VanderVelde

GLL President

by posted 04/14/2021

Just a Reminder:

We are a tobacco free facility.  

Dale Wagner Park is privately owned and has a 
This also includes Vapor/E-Cigs
There are signs posted on this as well.
Note that the field director does the authority to ask a person to leave the complex if they do not follow instructions on this.
-GLL Board

by posted 06/17/2019
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