GLL'S BOUNDARIES  (boundary map download)

All sanctioned little leagues have boundaries that are established and approved by the Little League International  organization, and these boundaries never overlap. The boundaries are set when the local Little League is established and do not follow school boundaries. If you live within GLL’s boundaries, you are expected to play at GLL by the National Little League Organization. 

There is a Little League Waiver that allows players to play in a Little League if a child in the household goes to school within that Little Leagues boundaries.  The waiver is on the Documents Tab on the left side of the Main Webpage. Just fill it out and .

We understand that these boundaries may be confusing.  If you live near one of the boundaries and have a question about which Little League organization you belong in, please .

The Little League operation manual states that each league has:

…actual boundaries of the area from WITHIN which it shall select players. Only those participants whose residence is within the boundaries of the league shall be eligible to participate.

A player will be deemed to reside within the league boundaries if: A) His/her parents are living together and are residing within such league boundaries, OR B) Either of the parents (or court appointed guardians) resides within such boundaries.

It is recommended that the league require some proof of residence within the league’s boundaries at the time the player registers. Players and their parents/guardians are advised that a false statement of residency may lead to ineligibility to play Little League Baseball or Softball. Under NO circumstances does ANY person have the authority to grant a waiver that allows a child to play in a local Little League program IN ANY DIVISION, when that child does not qualify under these residency requirements.

Please look closely at our boundary map and, if you lie withing these boundaries, your approved Little League is Georgetown Little League.  Note that the boundary line is to the center of the road.  If you live on GLL's side of the road, you are in our boundaries.