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A Softball Information & Rules 

General Division Information

  • League Ages – 6, 7 & 8.  League Age 6 must have one (1) year of Rookie Ball experience. 

  • Player request – players may request to play with one (1) other player, but both players must request each other or request will not be granted.  This is a request only and may/may not be granted.  Siblings are automatically placed on the same team unless requested otherwise by parents. 

  • Coach request – Coaches can request to be paired with one (1) other coach and no more.  

  • Evaluations – All League Age 8 players will be evaluated.  

  • Team Formation – Division Director will form teams based on player requests, siblings and ages.  

  • Number of games – 12 total, 2 per week, weather depending. 

  • Schedule - Opening Day target is April 22nd. Season end target is  June 17th.  Games will be played Monday through Saturday.

  • Scorebooks - not provided and should not be used.  This division doesn’t keep score. 

  • Uniforms – Uniforms will be provided 1-2 weeks before the first game.

  • All-Stars – None

  • Equipment - All teams will be given a 5 gallon bucket of 11” softball.  Fielding masks, catchers gear and helmets will be provided as needed. 


Division Rules 

  • No Coach’s Agreements

  • A regulation game consists of six (6) innings

  • If a game is halted due to weather after four (4) or more innings have been completed, it will be considered a regulation game. (3.5 innings if the home team is ahead).

  • Regular Season Time Limits – there will be a drop-dead time of 1:30 (90 minutes) with no inning beginning after 1:15 (75 minutes). 

  • 8 PLAYERS PER TEAM, MINIMUM, TO PLAY A GAME. Visiting team may start with less than 8 players but must field 8 players in the bottom of the 1st inning.

  • Use the league rotation sheet to distribute playing time. 

  • No umpires are provided.  Coaches on offense will call their own players safe or out.  If the play is too close to call, the runner shall be considered safe.  This is a developmental division and the goal is to have the kids bat and run the bases.  


  • Continuous Batting Order (CBO) – All player’s bat.  A player that arrives after the start of the game is to be placed at the bottom of the order 

  • No ‘on-deck’ circle - practice swings allowed ONLY in batter’s box (Majors and below)

  • There will be a 5 run limit per inning for the first five (5) innings.  No run limit in the sixth (6) inning. 

  • The batter receives not more than seven (7) pitches to complete the at bat. If 7th pitch is hit foul, additional pitches are allowed, until missed swing, no swing, or batted ball in play.

  • Batters start with a 0-0 count. 

  • No bunting allowed. 

  • No walks. 

  • The ball is dead if it strikes the coach or the bucket of balls. Runners advance only one base. 

  • Runners are allowed to leave the base only after the ball is batted. 

  • Runners may not steal a base. 

  • A runner may not slide headfirst while advancing to a base (LL Rule 7.08(a)(4)).

  • A runner  may only advance one (1) base on over-throws (at runner’s risk of being put out).

  • A runner stops advancing when a batted ball is secured in the infield by the defense.

  • Bats must meet all LL specifications.

  • Batters should keep one (1) foot in the Batter’s Box unless a play is live, or time has been given to talk with the coach. (LL Rule 6.02 (c)).


  • Games will be played with a 11” softball 

  • Coaches will pitch underhanded from 30-35ft. Pitches need not be windmill style, but must be flat (minimal arch). 


  • 10 defensive players in the field, 4 must be a minimum of 10ft in the outfield grass and spaced evenly.

  • All infielders must wear a face mask.

  • Players must field a minimum of twelve (12) defensive outs per game unless the game is shortened for any reason. PENALTY: player is required to play the entire next scheduled game in the field.

  • Players must field a minimum of three (3) consecutive defensive outs in the outfield and infield per game.  Catcher is considered an infield position. 

  • The player playing pitcher must start within 5 feet of the pitcher’s plate (or within the circle).

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