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Juniors update
by posted 06/15/2022

I have a pretty disappointing update.  I heard from the league and there will not be a Juniors tournament.  Also, they are not going to reschedule our last rain out game.  So this basically means that our season is over. 

Since we didn’t get a last goodbye game, please tell all of the kids how proud I am of them all for the work they put in this season!  We had a great group of kids, not just great baseball players but great kids as well.  I think I had more fun coaching this year than I even have had.  Thank you to all of the parents for getting kids to games and practices as well.  I hope to see you all around at the ballfield fields or in later baseball seasons! 

Looks like we finished the season with a 9-4 record.  That’s really impressive and looks like we are in first place on the website.  So I will crown us the Juniors season champs!  We also had 9 different kids get a chance to pitch this year as well, which I think is awesome. 

Thanks again to everyone for the season! 

Brian Matz

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