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Field of Dreams

The Georgetown Little League Board of Directors is pleased to announce today its plan to evaluate a proposal to create a brand new premiere Little League ball field in a new location in Georgetown Township.

“We have enjoyed the Little League’s present location at the corner of Baldwin Avenue and 28th Avenue for many years and appreciate the support and involvement we have received from the township residents.   It is our desire to continue to improve this program for area families for many years to come, and believe it is our responsibility to look into the future and ensure our program meets the needs of future generations,” said Keith Huizinga, Georgetown Little League President.

Several months ago the Georgetown Little League board was introduced to the possibility of creating a brand new premiere facility in a new location by Space Source, a West Michigan development company.   Since then, following further discussion on details of the proposal, the Georgetown Little League Board of Directors has determined that the prospect of creating a new state of the art Little League facility for the youth and families of Georgetown Township would be the type of investment in our future that warrants a formal review.
It is our understanding from Space Source Development that the current site would be utilized for development of a retail shopping center, with a new Spartan Stores supermarket as the major tenant, thereby providing an immediate solution for that property.

This is a significant and exciting possibility for the future of the Georgetown Little League program.   As a result, the Georgetown Little League has appointed a Steering Committee comprised of members of the league’s board of directors to lead a review process to determine how to accomplish a solution, including the evaluation of potential sites for building a new state of the art field. It is the league’s intent to conduct this study in a timely manner and have established a specific time line to complete the various steps of the study and provide our findings and recommendations to the Georgetown Little League board and general membership.

“We believe that this proposal has the potential to be a major reinvestment in the future of the Little League, and with the rapid residential expansion of the north Hudsonville and Georgetown Township area, a new, larger facility will be well positioned to serve the community for many years to come,” said Huizinga.

Georgetown Little League has been in existence for over 50 years, and became a charter member of Little League International in 1960. GLL is a non-profit organization serving over 900 families (over 1,300 children ages 5-18) each year with boys baseball and girls softball. It is funded entirely by registration fees, concession profits, and sponsor donations, and is operated by several hundred volunteers.