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Every now and then, the weather gets a little messy here in Michigan.  It might be rain, or it might even be snow!

The field director is responsible to monitor the weather and to decide whether games will be played that day.  Before games are canceled, the field director will contact the president of the league and a final decision will be made.  If games are canceled, the red flag will be raised on the flag pole and we will make every attempt to place a note on the web page.

We always want to get the games in, even if it means having a delay of 1/2 – 1 hour.  Here are a few reasons why games will be canceled or delayed:

Ø Weather Watches/Warning

·        If there is a tornado warning or watch within one hour of game time, all games will be canceled.

·        If there is a thunderstorm warning within one hour of game time, all games will be canceled.

·        If a thunderstorm watch is in effect, games will proceed as scheduled.

Ø Rain

·        If it is raining and the fields are unplayable, the games will be canceled.

·        If a light rain is falling, games will probably be played unless field conditions are affected.

·      If a heavier rain is falling and fields are in a condition to play, a delay may be called by the field director for up to 1 hour.  Players can wait out the delay in concrete dugouts, vehicles, or in the rear of the concession stand.

Ø Field Conditions

·       If there has been rain during the day and the afternoon/evening is sunny and nice, the games may be canceled due to field conditions.  Even if there are no puddles on the field, the playing area may be saturated such that playing on the surface may cause damage to the field.  

·       If the rain stops but there is no time to prep the fields before game time, games may be canceled.

·      If games are canceled for this reason, there will be no games or practices on any field unless special permission from the grounds keeper is given to the president to play on that field.

Ø Lightning

·       If a lightning strike is sighted, or picked up with our lightning strike indicator within 6 miles, all games will be delayed 15 minutes and players are asked to wait out the delay in vehicles, the rear of the concession stand, or other safe location.  The Concession sales counter will also close.  Players should not remain in dugouts.
Low  Light Policy 
IfDa  Darkness
Lights will be turned on when the field director deems it too dark to play  Any games being played on fields without lights will be immediately ended per GLL's Game Cancelation policy.