Edit My Account
This tab is on the lower left hand side of our site. You can edit any personal information including new e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, etc. here. You can also use this to arrange for email and/or text-message reminders to be automatically sent for practices and/or games. For text messaging, just enter your cell number and your cell provider. Reminder messages are sent 1 1/2 hours prior to the start of your game/practice. You can also turn OFF the messaging here as well.

At the very top of the page you will see file tabs: League Info, Our Teams, Volunteers, Resources, and Admin.  After you click on one of these tabs, the menu on the left edge of the page changes to show the options available for that tab.  Note that if there is a triangle darkened in the lower right corner of the option you select, further pages are available under that option.

League Info Tab
You are already on the Home page when you arrive at our web site. The left-edge menu options for the Home tab give access to general information that applies to all members.
Our Teams Tab
This is where you′ll be able to view the schedule, roster, and bulletins for your specific team. Use the drop down menus at the top to find your team. First use the "League" drop down menu to select the level your team plays at: Baseball Teeball, Softball Majors, etc. Next use the "Team" drop down to choose the team you wish to see.

The left-edge menu options for the Team tab give you a variety of ways to look at your team's schedule. If you click on "Schedule" it will list each practice and game, in a day-by-day tabular fashion. Make sure that you click "Show Non-Games" and the schedule will include all practices as well. (Note that not all managers will load their practices onto the scheduler.) Click "Calendar" if you would rather view the schedule in a calendar form. The "Results" option shows results for games that have already occurred, but only if your division keeps score and the results have been entered. The "Multi-Schedule" feature allows you to see the schedule for several teams at one time. You can also download these in several formats to import into your calendar programs.

The team roster can also be found on this page. Note that for safety purposes, this information is password protected. If you do not have your password, please contact us and we will get that for you. Key contacts are also listed so you are able to contact your coach via phone or email. RSS feeds are also available for those parents using that feature.
Volunteers Tab
  • Volunteers Needed lists the areas where GLL is looking for people to help the league this year.
  • Volunteers Registration and FAQ has a link to the online volunteer registration form and many answers to questions about how to register as a volunteer.
  • Volunteer Description lists all the volunteers that are needed every year and a brief description of each.
  • Board Position Descriptions goes into more detail with short a description of the duties involved with each of the elected board positions.
  • Board Members are able to access the Background Checks Completed page with a password to see all of the volunteers that have had their background checks completed.
  • FAQ answers questions that have been asked over the years.
  • Baseball/Softball Age Charts help you determine what League Age your child is and what division he/she will play in.
  • Boundaries explains how to determine if you are able to play for GLL.
  • Field Layout has an overhead view of Dale Wagner Park and where each field is located.
  • Field of Dreams is a press release that was printed in The Advance in 2007 regarding the possibility of building new fields.
  • Game Cancellation Policy describes how GLL determines if games will be cancelled and the procedures involved.
  • GLL Family Code of Conduct is a reminder of what each family has agreed to when they registered in regards to proper behavior as a player/parent/coach involved with Little League.
Admin Tab
The Admin Tab is used only by the Website Administrator, Board Members, coaches, and team managers. It is password protected.

Other places of interest:
The Equipment Exchange
The Equipment Exchange feature provides an area on the website where you can post information about used baseball and softball equipment that you would like to sell and/or exchange with other members. Please keep equipment on the "Exchange" for no more than two months.  To access the exchange, click on the "Exchange" link on the menu at the left of the GLL home page.

Please note that the exchange should only be used by GLL players and parents for listing their own used equipment; it is not to be used for non-baseball/softball advertising or any for-profit ventures. Inappropriate listings will be immediately removed.