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Online Volunteer Registration & FAQ


Q. How do I register to be a volunteer?

A. Select the link above and it will take you to the "Register Online" program.  Simply follow the instructions listed.  You may also select the Volunteer Application when you click the "Register Online" to register your players.

Q. I've volunteered before - is my information already in the system?
A. It should be.  If you coached or had a child in GLL in recent years most of your registration information will already be uploaded to the website. 

If you provided multiple email addresses to GLL, any of them will work.  If the email address you provided is no longer valid please send an email to  and we can update your account with your new email address.

If you believe your email address is correct but you do new receive a temporary password send an email to .

Q. Should I check that the information from last year is correct?

A. Yes, once you log into your existing account please take a minute to verify your information is correct.  Also please considering adding any new information that we did not have in the past (e.g. cell phone or alternate email addresses).

Q. What if I am new to GLL?
A. Select the "Register" button on the Volunteer Registration and follow the instructions listed for New Users.  Within a few minutes you will get a temporary password.  Once you log in, it will bring up a data entry form that says "Participant Information."  THIS IS YOU!  When you register your children later, you can add your spouse and children to your account, if necessary. 
Q. Why do I need to fill an application out every year?

A. There are several reasons.  First and foremost, we are required to do a yearly background check on every volunteer and we need your permission to do this.  Also, we need to know what volunteer positions you are interested in for this season.

Q. Why do you need a copy of my driver's license?

A. We are required by Little League to do nationwide background checks on all volunteers with access to the players.  Lexis Nexis (our background check organization) requires that we verify your name and address with a picture ID.  Also, there may possibly be a person with the same name as you that is flagged as an offender, possibly even in another state.  Your ID will allow GLL to verify that you are not the person by comparing pictures and birth date.

Q. What if I forget my password?
A. Simply type in your email address and a new temporary password will be sent to you within a few minutes.
Q. What if I don't have an email address?

A. Many people use their work email as they check this one more often.  If you don't have any email, consider using a family members.  Otherwise, please contact the information director he/she will be able to walk you through alternate solutions.