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Manager′s Website Instructional Manual
  GLL has created a new manual that steps you through...
GLL Coaching Manual
  This coaching manual has guidelines for running...
Coaching Links
  Here are some links to sites that have been...


Manager′s Website Instructional Manual
GLL has created a new manual that steps you through our website to show you how to:
  • Login to the system
  • Access your team page
  • Add or edit a team bulletin
  • Edit game results and statistics
  • Add documents
  • Help team parents volunteer
  • Post a general event
  • Upload photos
  • Utilize the different passwords needed for the websites
The manual can be found here, or in the lower section of the Hey Coach page under Documents.  If you would like anything else added to the manual that we missed, just contact me.
GLL Coaching Manual

This coaching manual has guidelines for running a practice plus many drills that you will find useful for general skills as well as solving specific problems.

GLL Coaching Manual

Coaching Links

Here are some links to sites that have been identified as excellent resources for managers and coaches. 


Outstanding instructional program and resources! Al Price (Big Al) has presented training to over 120,000 coaches and managers and over 50,000 players around the world. The training materials he has co-authored have been used by over 1 million coaches, managers, players and their parents.



free resource committed to helping you quickly find useful information on drills, practice organization, game strategy, baseball fundamentals, and other subjects of interest to the youth baseball coach, parent, or fan.

  Kudda has the best coaches explaining the fundamentals, drills and plays that any coach can learn and apply to their teams immediately.