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Registration is Open

GLL Family,


If you've already registered, Thank You.

Tomorrow is the last day to register before the late fee kicks in.  Tomorrow night, Sunday, at midnight.


Most Divisions Close the start of the day, February 21st,  Late Fee starts on February 10th

Late Fee is $30 



signup at this link,






by posted 02/08/2020
Volunteer Registrations 2020 Back Ground Check

GLL Family:

If you've registered to coach or manage, Thank You.

As in years past, every registration goes through a background check. The registration program would collect ssn’s and driver license numbers. It was stored on the website, and from that info we could run a background check. Every year, in accordance with little league, we have to background check everyone, even if they've had past checks.

This year and future years, we are doing it where, soon after you register, you'll get an email from JDP, whose partnered with Little League International, to start the background check process. Just follow the links and fill out the minimum thats required.

I get a report and sign off on the volunteer.

Doing it this way, the soc sec number isnt collected and stored. I think its a safer way, and relieves some of that liability from the little league.







by posted 01/22/2020
GLL Evaluation Information 2020 Season

GLL Families,


Divisions that will be evaluating this year are:

Softball AA, AAA, Majors, and Juniors

Baseball Kid Pitch, Minors, Senior Minors, Majors, 50/70, and Juniors


Please “save these dates”, it’s important that everyone evaluates, it helps to make fair and balanced teams. That is our intent.


On February 22nd, Softball will hold their evaluations for AA, AAA, and Majors. (This is only date for SB)

On February 22nd, Baseball will hold their evaluations for Kid Pitch and Senior Minors.

On February 29th, Baseball will hold their evaluations for Minors, Majors, and 50/70.

Baseball and Softball Juniors will be in April, at GLL Fields, Date and Time TBD.


Times will be emailed out by the Division Directors, on or before Friday February 21st.  We will attach a map with that email.


All Evaluations will be held at Hudsonville Christian School located at 3435 Oak St. in Hudsonville.

We will be using the west Gym.  Please use the parking lot located on the corners of Oak St. and Lincoln Ave..


any Softball related questions, please email softball@georgetownLL.com

any Baseball related questions, please email baseball@georgetownLL.com


This email will be repeated as more players sign up.



GLL Board


by posted 01/09/2020
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