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by posted 05/23/2022

Good morning everyone. I would like to collect all of the fundraiser stuff tomorrow, so if you could please bring it to the game that would be great.

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by posted 05/16/2022

Good morning all. Regarding the fundraiser packet that you received from me on Saturday, those are due back in by the 28th. Originally that had it for the 21st, but wanted all the kids to have more time to sell everything.....

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Georgetown Little League Coach Pitch
by posted 03/19/2022

Hello Parents and Team,

My kids and others in the neighborhood have been outside for the past few days enjoying the somewhat warm weather, so that must mean softball season is starting soon!  This email is to let you know that your daughter has been assigned to the Marlins (team 8) for Georgetown Little League Coach Pitch, and also a few things about the upcoming season.  This email may be pretty long, but will have some important information, so please try and read all of it!  I tried to highlight each section so you can find it later much easier.

First of all, I will introduce myself - I am one of the coaches for the team this year.  My name is Joe VanLaan, and have a daughter named Eloise on the team.  This is our second year of playing in the Georgetown Little League, and the first year of coach pitch.  The other coach is Jon Hamming, and we are excited to help your kids continue to learn to play softball, have fun, and see them gain confidence as they develop their abilities.  Jack Gitler, who I have not yet met, is also going to be helping us out this year! 


If anyone else would like to help out, we would be glad to have you.  The league does require anyone who may be on the field at any time to fill out a volunteer application and consent to a background check.  If you are at all interested in doing so, you would go to the GLL website (georgetownll.com) and hover on League Info, and then click Register Online.  From there, about 2/3 of the way down is a 2022 volunteer registration option.  If you have questions on that, let me know!

Medical Release Form

The little league will require a medical release form for each player this year.  These are on the website as well under Resources and then Documents, so if you could fill this out and bring it with you to one of the first few practices, this will allow us to get your child the medical attention needed, if anything were to occur and you were not there.  I am hoping these will never be needed, but we do need them just in case!  I will also print some off to have at practices, so if you do not have access to a printer, find me and I will be happy to give one to you.


Georgetown Little League provides uniforms and socks for game day.  They also have available a few helmets and bats for use during practices and games, which can be shared between anyone who needs them.  If you would like to purchase those items for your daughter, you are more than welcome to do so as well.  We do require that each child has a glove, and wears a helmet when batting.  It is not required at this age, but the league does recommend a mask for when your child plays in the field.  No, I am not talking about a COVID face mask, although you may also wear those if you would like!  If you google "softball face mask", you will see what I mean.  This just adds another layer of protection and safety for your kids.  Cleats, hats, 11" softballs are also possible items you may need, but are not required to have.  If you have not yet purchased anything and would like to, Dick's Sporting Goods is offering 20% off your purchase NEXT weekend, March 25-28.  You can print off or show the coupon on your phone - the coupon is located on the main page of the GLL website.


We do have four practices scheduled before games begin.  We had no say in these and cannot change them - the league determines the time and place.  Hopefully you are able to make these work!  Our practices begin on April 1 (yes, the Friday of Spring Break!) from 5:30-6:30 pm on Field 3A at Dale Wagner Park in Jenison, which is right on the corner of Baldwin and 28th.  We also have practices April 8, 15, and Thursday the 21st at the same time and place.  If the weather does not cooperate or any other changes need to be made, we will communicate those as soon as we can.


We do not yet have the schedule for games, but will let you know as soon as we do.  At the coaches meeting, they said they were working on them and would have them out fairly soon.  There will be 12 games, and no end of season tournament or All-Stars.  This is just a learning and developmental league.


There are some improvements needed on some of the fields at the Park, so the GLL Board has determined that a fundraiser would be helpful to raise some of these funds.  This year, each player will get a packet with I believe 5 Key Cards to sell for $25 a piece.  Each key card has discounts and benefits to area businesses that help support the Little League.  This is NOT a requirement, but they are hoping that each player can sell at least 2-3. The LL has also requested that each team has a fundraising coordinator - someone to help by collecting the team packet, passing out the key cards to each player, collecting them at the end, and submitting them to the fields.  This is definitely not my cup of tea, so if anyone would like to take this over, please contact Jon or myself and we will be happy to get you in touch with the person responsible for this!!


Finally, probably the most important item to the kids!  If someone is willing to setup a snack schedule for the season, that would be helpful.  At this point, nothing you can do since we do not have the game schedule, but let me know if you would like to be the point person for that and I will follow up once we have that schedule in hand.  The snack can be whatever you choose, as well as a drink for each girl.  We have 11 players on the team, and also let me know if there are any allergies so we can be sure to avoid that!


Sorry for the long email, but wanted to give you as much information as I had right now.  Thanks for signing your child up, and let's have a great season!  If you have any questions about anything above, do not hesitate to contact myself or Jon.  You can reply to this email, or my cell phone is 616-633-7698, and Jon can be reached at 616-292-1119, or jon@vmaxtrans.com.


Joe VanLaan



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