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GLL Family,

About 4 months ago we decided to go with a different League Registration Service, Blue Sombrero, which was owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Blue Sombrero is partnered with Little League International. It was offered as a “free” service to little leagues.  The State’s little league office had switched and little leagues all across the states were switching.

Then, Dick’s sold Blue Sombrero to Sports Connect, where they abruptly changed it to a paid service, because Dick’s was no longer subsidizing it. They were not going to charge the Little Leagues the fee.  Instead, they were going to pass it on to the members signing up, starting on Jan 3, 2020.   

WE will be staying with our current Service (League Athletics), on our current website: www.georgetownLL.com  Registration is now open on this site.


What this means for those that already signed up on the Sports Connect site.  About 76 players, of which I have a list of all that signed up on the Sports Connect site.

I apologize in advance, but please re-sign up on the www.georgetownLL.com website, and if you PAID already, DO NOT PAY again.  I will watch the registrations as they happen and within 24 hours of you signing up, you will get a confirmation email stating you have paid.


After all have switched back, I will delete all the data on Sports Connect.

Sorry for any inconvenience,


Rich O.


by posted 12/06/2019
2019-2020 Professional Baseball Pitcher Training

GLL Family,   A note from a Sponsor:

“2019-20 Professional Baseball Pitcher Training

with former Major League Pitcher Rick Kreuger”


When-Where (Starts Thursday, October 1): Monday-Friday starts at 3:30 pm; Sat. all day. KPS training facility is at the “The Dugout” (“X Factor” building located at 2649 Edwards St., Jenison, MI) on the NW corner of Edwards and San Ru. in Georgetown Township.  Hardly any training facilities on this side of town!!!Over 25 years of professional pitching instruction!!  Call soon- time slots will fill up fast as we approach Christmas…start now-training takes time!

Who:   7 yr .olds through Pro Players (Bring your: glove, extra shirt/jacket, sports drink, and sneakers…no spikes)

Description:   Sessions are 45 minute lessons.  Private, semi-private, and group lessons are available.  A former Major League pitcher (Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Tokyo Giants, and Cornerstone University  Head Coach),  Coach Kreuger will be your only pitching instructor. Coach Kreuger knows the disciplines for success that a pitcher must have and has been very successful in teaching many pitchers the physical and mental mechanics needed to avoid injury and maximizing your velocity with control. Video analysis is a critical component to pitching since one cannot see everything with the naked eye in the fastest movement in sports.  Your money is best spent in off season training vs Fall travel teams or indoor games.  Pitching is a learned skill!  Video Analysis is the key to understanding and tracking your skill.

Sign Up: Visit our web site at www.kreugerbaseball.com, fill out the information requested in the tab “Application,” then at the end click the “Submit” button to forward it to me. Call Coach Kreuger for pricing and reservations @ 616-293-3773; E-Mail:


3 Facts of Success:

“Pitchers Are Made In The Off-Season!”

“Good Pitching Beats Good Hitting”

“Humility Comes Before Honor” (Proverbs 18:12)

by posted 09/21/2019
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